In this “Age of the Selfie”, no one would dare post a picture without using a filter- and I’m not talking about a cute puppy face. We erase the blemishes, even out the tone of our skin- anything thing to look better than reality. What if you didn’t need the filter anymore…what if you looked better than the filtered you?

We have heard it called, the “Super Facial”, the “Golden Facial” and even the “Fountain of Youth”.  Whatever the name, AquaGold is taking our practice by storm! AquaGold is a step up from traditional microneedling procedures. Using 24 karat gold needles, each smaller than a hair follicle, we painlessly create tiny openenings in the  surface of the skin called microchannels. These microchannels allow the personalized cocktail to penetrate deep into the dermis. Transforming your skin to that airbrushed, photo-finished state. The benefits include smaller pores, smoother & brighter skin, improved superficial acne scarring and much more.

The cocktail is made based on client specific needs. A mixture of Botox, Fillers, Growth Factors, Hyloronic Acid and Vitamins, to treat a number of aging concerns. The entire procedure takes less than 30 minutes, and involves no downtime or recovery. Some of our patients are seeing redness and slight swelling for a few hours at the treatment site. The most common area we treat is obviously the face, but neck and chest areas are becoming popular as well.

Results are being seen as soon as 3 days after treatment with best results at day 7. They typically last 3-4 months, however the procedure can be done as often as every 1-3 months. Doing several treatments throughout the year will continue to improve overall appearance of skin. Please..DO NOT THINK this replaces your botox and fillers. The AquaGold is treating your skin from the outside, your botox and fillers are the foundation on the inside. The treatment can be combined with your botox and/or filler appointment to enhance results.

Whether you have that school reunion coming up or just want to look better in the mirror, this is a treatment we recommend for all our clients. Check out our website,,  for more info on AquaGold and all procedure.