Botox Mistakes Even Smart Women Make

By Christina Sirera, RN, for Venus and Venom MediSpa

Special Botox Alert: Let’s face it, when it comes to getting Botox, it’s a jungle out there. Ugly Botox is all too common. You see it on television everyday: it’s that completely unnatural frozen look, or worse, where the poor woman looks like she had a stroke, one side of her face completely different than the other.

The good news, Botox is not a cookie-cutter procedure and in the hands of an artist, it can create a marvelously natural look that takes years off your face and makes you look more refreshed and relaxed. In my opinion, the goal of Botox is “no wrinkles, not no movement!, You want to look rested…not “botoxed”.

Botox must be administered by a licensed medical professional such as a Doctor or Registered Nurse, but the differentiating factor should not be the title of MD or RN, rather their experience in Botox coupled with both frequency and artistry. Great Botox requires steady hands, the eye of an artist, and the passion to get it perfect. Don’t be fooled into thinking a doctor does it better. Often times, doctors, dentists even, are doing this “on the side” for extra money, so though they know the precautions to botox administration, but the expertise is only acquired through repetition, not through “extra or on the side work” and the artistry is, well, that is born. The aim is to capture a person’s natural expression in a relaxed state, but with allowance for movement.

Another thing to remember is, excessive Botox relaxes the forehead too much, which results in a heavy feeling and a drooping of the forehead and eyebrows. There is a real art in figuring out how to adequately relax the muscles so that it looks natural. Too much is no good, and not enough is also no good.

Lastly, the number one scam to avoid is people charging per facial area i.e. forehead or crow’s feet, rather than charging per unit of Botox administered. Every area takes a different amount depending on the person. Always pay per unit. It’s simple. When you buy meat you pay per pound, not per who is eating it. Everyone uses a different amount, save your money, pay per unit. Conversely, botox that sounds too cheap and too good to be true is. Be skeptical. Botox is expensive, no one gives it away. Research your injector, meet the injector. First thing I like to observe is his or her Botox, how do they look natural or frozen. If you like what you see, proceed.

Christina Sirera, RN, is the founder and Partner of Venus and Venom MediSpas in Blauvelt, Nanuet And Monroe, NY. She is leading Botox and Filler specialist, Master Injector and Aesthetic consultant. Contact: Blauvelt (845) 365-1500, Nanuet (845) 623-8700 or Monroe NY (845) 827-6698. VENUSANDVENOM.COM