Express Membership $65 per month:

(1) 30 min. Express Facial per month, 

10 % Off Skincare

 Free Birthday Upgrade: Lip or Hand Treatment

Signature Membership $105 per month: 

(1) 60 Min Facial Per Month (Choice of Melange-a-trois, Mens Facial, or Teen Facial) 

Add Microderm for $40 

10% Off All Skincare 

Free Birthday Upgrade:  Lip or Hand Treatment

Deluxe Membership $185 per month: 

(1) 60 Min Deluxe Facial Per Month (Choice of Melange-a-trois Deluxe, Anti-Age Facial or Brightening Facial), 

Upgrade to Premium Facial $40 (Choice of Carbon, Inhibit Facial or Fire & Ice Facial)

10% Off All Skincare

Free Birthday Upgrade: Lip or Hand Treatment

I am agreeing to the following terms and conditions of the Facial Membership with Venus and Venom Medispa. 

  • Memberships will be on autopay with a valid credit card. Gift Cards are not valid towards monthly dues
  • Auto bill date will be within 1-2 days of the day of the month you joined, depending on weekends and Holidays.
  • Minimum commitment of 4 months.
  • Must give written notice of cancellation 30 days prior.
  • Unused Facials will be added to your account with no expiration.
  • No refunds on Membership dues for any reason.