A Beginers Guide to Botox

What do think of when you hear Botox? Do you think of “that” celebrity? Do you get an instant flash of a plastic looking frozen face? Do you say “Never”? Before you dismiss the idea of ever getting Botox, here are a few tips on how to do Botox right and get back to a refreshed, new YOU!
Look Young, Not Overdone​- First and foremost, Botox is NOT intended to make you look different or fake. Botox, when done properly, should relax those dynamic lines caused by normal expressions. A refreshed, relaxed YOU is the objective, not a fake frozen version of yourself. Along with the relaxed effect, it can also be used to give yourself a little lift. Botox injections are great for a little brow lift to make your eyes pop…or a lip lift to make them look a bit fuller.

Do I Need Botox?​- The answer is yes! Everyone needs it-at some point! Botox is as much preventative as it is effectual. More and more women…and men, are starting injections as early as their mid 20’s. When Botox is started early enough, it will prevent these dynamic or expression lines from becoming static or permanent. While nothing can stop the clock…Botox can certainly slow it down.

Groupon Botox- Why Not?-​If there is one thing you can take away from this blog post it is YOUR FACE IS BETTER THAN GROUPON! Did your mother ever tell you if something is too good to be true, it probably is. Well she is right. Groupon can be a great tool to increase business but not for aesthetic services. After you factor in the practice’s product cost, insurance (god willing) and their payment to Groupon…either they are paying for the Botox for you –OR- you are NOT getting Botox. Let’s just hope they aren’t buying it somewhere obscure or online. So how do you know who sells real Botox…easy, Visit Allergan.com, the maker of Botox and see what injectors they recommend. No one is giving away Botox-that’s for sure. ​Don’t price shop your face.

How long will it last?– ​ Everyone and every face is different. While some of the lucky ones will get 6 months or more, most people will need a touch up every 4-6months. The good news is the longer you stick with it, the longer the effects will last.

How Do I Choose the Right Injector?– ​ Should it be a doctor? A nurse? Plastic surgeon? Don’t get focused on titles alone. Go to the person who is qualified, does it often and specializes in Botox. For example: Just because someone is plastic surgeon does not mean they specialize in Botox or fillers. Surgery would be their specialty, so how often do they get to do the injectables? The key here is to ask and research.

Next and very telling… look at the staff. The receptionists, the estheticians, even the injectors themselves are walking billboards for their capability as injectors. Chances are everyone in the office gets one or more procedures on a regular basis. If you enter a practice and find yourself starring at Barbie…or worse…Kylie Jenner’s Lips…RUN as fast as you can! All it takes is one bad experience to turn you off forever. Now for a little nepotism…At Venus & Venom Medispa, Our Master Injectors are constantly being trained on new products and techniques by industry professionals both in the US and internationally.

By following these simple tips, Botox Virgins can be sure to have a great first experience. In the right hands, your first time will be memorable.