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3 Tell-Tale Signs of Your Age…and How The Right MediSpa Can Help


With the increasingly popular use of botox and fillers used in facial rejuvenation, it has

become much easier for women to maintain their youth and vitality. Facial lines and

wrinkles are no longer an inevitable consequence of aging – they are now just an option.

Besides the appearance of the face however, there are a few things women tend to

overlook that are dead give-aways for their age. These things may also make women

look older than they actually are. So, read on and discover how to combat these youth–

robbing changes and find out how to continue to look as young as you feel.

1. The disappearing eyebrow: As women age, we lose hair growth all over our bodies,

including our eyebrows. Being directly adjacent to our eyes, it is a focal point when

speaking to others. Notice your teenage daughter’s brows – they are thick and have a

defined shape. Due to the aging process and/or years of “over-plucking” and shaping- a

thin, barely-there brow lets the world know you are no longer in your prime. There are

several ways you can maintain the brows you have and also recreate their youth. The

traditional option is to get a professional brow consultation with an expert who can

suggest the best brow shape for your face. You can also have this expert match your

brow color and teach you to “draw in” your brows to create a fuller appearance.

But, now there is an exciting new development in eyebrow restoration that delivers

semi-permanent results. Ladies, please allow me introduce you

to Microblading. Microblading is a very natural-appearing option that delivers semi-
permanent results with the realistic appearance of short eye brow hair. Microblading is

perfect for those who want to fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps, or fill-in over plucked

brows. It can also be used for women who simply want to slightly arch their brows.

Unlike permanent tattooing, Microblading utilizes a specialized pen to draw in the hairs

one at a time. This creates a much more realistic appearance than the permanent

make-up tattoo process- not to mention, is also much more affordable. The entire

process takes about 1 1⁄2 – 2 hours and a follow up in one month is required to ensure

client satisfaction. At this time, Venus and Venom MediSpa is the only location in

Rockland County offering this service.

2. Hands: Many of you are already aware that hands are a sure sign of age, which is

why so many of us spend time trying to hide our hands. Until now, the only treatments to

prevent further dryness and age spots have been moisturizing and sunscreen. As we

age, the skin on the hands loses fat, becoming thin and bony with prominent

veins. Dermal Fillers like Radieese (traditionally used in the face) are now being used

on the hands- with great results- addressing the key aspect of aging hands: volume

depletion. Hand rejuvenation with dermal fillers is growing in popularity because it

gives the hands a “plumper” appearance- diminishing the appearance of veins and

tendons and minimizing wrinkles that not only “give-away” your age, but frequently

make you appear older than you actually are! Dermal Fillers also contain a type of

collagen stimulant that encourages the production of collagen in the skin- leading to

increased volume and prolonged treatment effectiveness. You are an ideal candidate

for Hand Rejuvenation with Dermal Fillers if:

· Your hands have become thin-leaving you with fine lines and wrinkles.

· Your hands have lost volume and roundness, appearing bony and thin.

· Your hands have prominent veins and tendons.

3. The Neck: If you think about women who generally are known to have aged well –

from Audrey Hepburn to Christie Brinkley and Cindy Crawford – what 3 things do they

all have in common? A believable shaped face, a sharp neck-line and swan-like necks.

Dissatisfaction with the neck is the number one complaint I hear from women, once they

have perfected their botox and dermal filler facial services. The “aging neck” is a

particularly difficult area to treat because your are dealing with a trifecta of problems –

sagging muscles, bulging, subcutaneous fat and creepy, thin skin. Besides these 3

issues, there is also a thin, rope-like muscle called the platysma that forms a V-like

pattern of two cords on the front of your neck that protrude more and more when they

contract. If you are over 40 and not aware of this yet, look into the mirror, say “EEEEE”

and watch the horror unfold-right before your own eyes.

The ideal treatment for all of this “neck drama” is either a full surgical facelift or a neck

lift. This is not an option for many of us, so there are other treatment options to


· For sagging muscles and wrinkling skin, there are treatments which utilize light

therapy and lasers to “tighten up” these areas. Erbium lasers and Fractional lasers are

particularly effective.

· Subcutaneous fat deposits (under the chin) can be reduced substantially with

cryotherapy (or more commonly known as “Coolsculpting”) and injectables, while the

dreaded, platysma protusions can be minimized with BOTOX injections.

· The jawline can be youthfully defined using a combination of dermal fillers and botox

in the hands of the right injector.

If you haven’t already, invest in a good medical-grade retin-A and moisturizer and “top

off” with a sunscreen product- specifically for the face and neck.

Overall, our generation is aging much better than our parent’s generation. The

availability and accessibility of anti-aging products and services makes this all possible-
as well as a stronger understanding of the importance of diet and exercise for appearing

and feeling youthful. You can eliminate these 3 age exposing elements by finding a

Medispa with an expert medical professional that will individualize a treatment plan just

for you. Find a medical expert that does these procedures as their full-time specialty.

Don’t be fooled to think that because someone is a Plastic Surgeon, Dermatologist,

Doctor, or Nurse- that this makes them an expert. Go to the medical professional that

specializes in these types of procedures and performs them daily- with consistently

great results.

To find the treatment regimen that is both effective and financially acceptable for you,

schedule a consultation with a skincare specialist that has extensive experience in skin

rejuvenation, injectables, and lasers. The services discussed here are certain to make

you look better and feel more confident than ever.

By Denise Patriaco RN, APN-C, Expert Injector

Medical Director and Partner for Venus and Venom MediSpa

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