Welcome to Ultratone. The Ultimate Face and Body Shapers

Using revolutionary microtechnology, Ultratone electronically simulates the body’s impulses to reshape the Body and rejuvenate the Face. The soothing and pleasurable Ultrawave signal, delivered in a series of biologically coded frequencies, instantly accesses different body areas. Skin, fat, muscle, connective tissue, the circulatory and lymphatic systems are stimulated effectively to slim, tighten, tone, lift, firm, shape and rejuvenate.





1. Are the facial treatments comfortable?

Ultratone’s signal is renowned for it’s comfort. The facial muscles only need a gentle tightening

and lifting movement to tone and lift. Keep the stimulation gentle and you will actually enjoy a

comfortable, pleasant and rejuvenating sensation.

2. I already have deep lines and very saggy areas on my face. Will I still get results?

Yes, you will be surprised at how quickly and effectively the Ultratone facial programs works

even if the muscles are very saggy and the face is lined. Perseverance with your Ultratone

Facial is the answer.

3. Does it really work?

The founders of Ultratone pioneered the technique over 40 years ago. Since then, more than

eight million users all over the world have confirmed its body shaping effects.

4. What does it feel like?

People find the soothing, massage-like sensation of Ultratone completely agreeable. Usually

they find it difficult to believe that something feeling so pleasant can be doing them any good!

5. How often do I have to use it?

Three times per week until you complete your package, after that you can do a much less

frequent maintenance package as suggested by your practioner.

6. I’ve just had a baby. Can Ultratone get my stomach back into shape?

There is no faster or easier method of correcting the stretched tummy muscles after childbirth.

Contact Ultratone for more information about when you can start treatments after giving birth.

7. I am over 50, and have very poor muscle tone. Can Ultratone help?

Of course. Age is no barrier, and where there is more room for improvement the results seem

even more spectacular!

8. Can Ultratone help men improve their shape?

Men like to keep in shape as much as women, and the Ultratone Technique is often used by

men to pull in their stomachs and dramatically improve their physique. Ultratone exercise

sessions are an enjoyable injury-free alternative to traditional exercise and sport.

9. Will it make me lose weight?

The best way to lose weight is to combine Ultratone exercise with a good diet plan, thus

avoiding the sagging and flabbiness which is often a penalty of just dieting alone.