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Rockland County’s Leading Med Spa Continues Setting Trends

Venus & Venom Medispa, once known as Melange Med Spa, is the product of the first RN
owned and operated medical spa in Rockland County. Spas are known for their relaxation and
rejuvenation, but this spa broke the mold. Word spread rapidly that about the aesthetic services
(such as Botox and Dermal Filler Injections, Laser Resurfacing and even Coolsculpt) that were
available in this eclectic zen-like atmosphere and that the work they performed exceeded
expectations. This all woman owned company can be found in three locations: Blauvelt, Monroe
and the newest Venus & Venom Med Spa in Nanuet.
Partner, Christina Sirera, has quickly become known for her art of injecting. As a graduate of the
Cochran School of Nursing, Christina has continued to train with expert injectors in the US,
Canada and Europe. Alongside her partners Sheila May Gaughan, RN, and Denise Patriaco, NP-
C, this injecting trifecta have been changing and restoring (as they prefer) the landscape we look
at, one face at a time. Beauty, Art and Science has remained their longstanding motto, defining
what Venus & Venom is all about today. what about the other tag line – There are 2 sides to
every Woman – well, that’s the very tongue in cheek piece that every one loves.
These women have mastered how to individualize treatments. “I’ve been specializing in botox
and fillers for over a decade and if there is one thing I’ve learned it’s that every single face I treat
is different. It’s what I do every day- all day. Everyone’s face is unique and beautiful in its own
way. My passion is to restore the elements that distinctly make that person beautiful . When I
speak with a client, I am taking a very specific visual inventory of their expressions and how
they look. I then capture and preserve how they naturally look, while at the same time, turn back
the clock a few years. We create close relationships with our clients – built with trust, integrity
and confidence. ”
Denise Patriaco, NP-C , partner and medical director explains “We don’t just inject filler into
“typical” areas because we can. We look at the client, listen to their needs and expectations and
then we come up with a plan and show them how we intend to restore the key features we see
that will get the desired look they want. Our consult is critical to the outcome, our success relies
on how well we listen and deliver the results our clients expected.”
Sheila May Gaughan RN, Partner and vein and neck specialist says “It’s so important for us to
manage a client’s expectations and make them understand what we can and can not do. There
are certainly times where surgery is the realistic option and we will say that, but when we can do
what they want with the different options we offer its a win win for both of us. It almost feels
magical- we have accomplished something that bothered a client for years often times in under
30 minutes-with no surgery. What’s better than that?”
In addition to the way they do their injectables, they are very selective with the services they
offer and the staff they hire. Denise comments “As a Nurse Practitioner research is something
that is second nature, nurses are constantly researching about their patients. Its no different here
except that we research about the aesthetic trends. What’s good, what’s not so good, and then
what’s great. Then we test the great ones and if it worked and we liked it -then we bring it in.

We are a tough crowd to impress with products and technology.” The nurses pride themselves in
bringing treatments that will deliver results. Their reputation depends on it.
The employees are experienced aficionados in their field. “Our staff is an extension of us and our
intentions to the public. So we are selective. We choose based on experience and look for
proper fit into the Venus and Venom Team. We have been fortunate to have the such a talented
and dedicated team. It just takes having a service with one of them to wonder why you hadn’t
discovered these gems earlier. We hear it all the time. People rave coming-out of facials, They
say they never had such a great experience. I love to being there when people step out of the
room. “ Says Sheila May Gaughan RN.
So what’s next, whats hot?
“You know what’s hot right now- COLD!” Christina Sirera Laughs . “Cryo treatments are a hot
topic right now. Coolsculpting gets rid of the unwanted stubborn fat by freezing it away. It
works. No surgery and good results. But something even newer, that has been a game changer
is Coolifting- which has NOTHING to do with coolsculpting, but it does use extreme cold to
blast Hylauronic Acid into the face. The result of this under ten minute treatment is dimishment
of lines, lifting and overall rejuvenation with no down time. Anyone can do it and results are
visible within hours. It’s a great event treatment and as a bonus we have noticed that if you
already have botox and fillers it is extending the effect. It’s a technology that was patented in
Barcelona. Europe is ahead of aesthetically and they not only know how to live the “good life” –
they look the part too! Maybe its the coolift.” Sirera Says.
The Coolift can be found at Venus & Venom. As well as Coolsculpting, facials for all skin
types, massages, micro needling, laser skin resurfacing, tattoo removal , cellulite treatments,
Venus Freeze, microblading. permanent make up, eye rejuvenations, eye lashes, laser hair
removal, men’s treatments, and more. They have it all and if that wasn’t enough you will love
their Unique Boutique featured inside of each of the spas. The Unique Boutique’s have niche
gift items or personal items the can’t be found easily. They have a range of retail like designer
bags, hats, scarves, cute napkins, flasks, books, jewelry, Art, belts and more.
They host botox parties, women’s events throughout the year like their “Single, SeXy and Savvy
Nights”, vendor nights, information nights, live demos, Coolsculpting events and more. Check
in with their website or and follow them on Facebook,
Instagram and Twitter. Sign up for their mailing list on their website and get the exclusive deals
and announcements. September marks their 10 year Anniversary. Join them for the celebration.

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